Vedix expects men’s category to account for 30% of total revenue over the next two years


Vedix is ​​owned by Hyderabad-based IncNut Digital, which also operates the SkinKraft personalized skin care brand. Besides skin care, the brand also offers personalized Ayurvedic hair care and health supplements.

The brand personalizes products based on prakruti, an Ayurvedic concept made up of three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha.

Over the past three years, the company has observed increasing demand from male consumers.

A year ago, she launched personalized men’s hair and health care products and now receives around 30,000 orders each month on average, said Jatin Gujrati, CEO, Vedix.

On October 12, the company announced it was launching a personalized skincare line for men, which included a serum, moisturizer and cleanser. The whole range is available on the best e-commerce marketplaces including Amazon, Purplle, Myntra, Flipkart, Tata Cliq

“We have experienced the strongest growth in this segment. Our data tells us that there is a demand in the customer segment for personalized daily skincare as traditional brands have remained constrained when approaching the male beauty segment. We expect this category to generate 30% of our overall revenue over the next two years ”, Gujrati said.

Although the line is small at the moment, the company plans to introduce a host of new products to compete with the women’s category in skin and hair care. This would include specialty masks, toner, face mists, hairspray, and men’s gray hair care.

The company attributes this growth to current aesthetic and fashion trends that were developing in part through social media.

“The gender stereotypes that have kept men from exploring their unique skin and hair care needs over the decades have started to fade. Today, grooming and soft skills are more of a priority than ever in a modern workplace for men and women. With changing perceptions on men’s personal care standards, the growth of the men’s personal care market is expected to increase dramatically ”, Gujrat said.

He added that the requirements of male consumers were becoming more and more sophisticated and that they were more and more aware of the differences between the skin needs of men and women.

“Women can have skin problems often related to hormonal imbalances, while a majority of men can have skin problems caused by their lifestyle and habits, such as prolonged exposure to the outdoors. These differences in causative factors and hormonal compositions between men and women require a more specific and individual view of the skin’s needs ”,Gujrat said.

These pave the way for personalized products in the male beauty market, he continued.

“Rather than settling for one-size-fits-all products, today’s men are looking for personalized solutions and are ready to develop new self-care routines to meet their unique and specific needs, which are different from those of women … While men may not want to spend as much as women on personal care products, they are willing to explore products beyond what they find in stores.


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