The new sustainable beauty solutions from BASF Care Creations

BASF care creations (Booth 601) will showcase new concepts, formulations and ingredients recently launched for the personal care industry at the 2021 Supplier Day of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC).

“Sustainable beauty includes everything from responsible sourcing and sustainable production, water conservation and climate protection,” said Nader Mahmoud, vice president of personal care solutions for America of the North at BASF. “Consumers want high-performance beauty products while having a positive impact on the environment. We present solutions that use natural ingredients – produced from renewable raw materials – that meet growing consumer and market demand for high performance, sustainable products.

BASF Care Creations will exhibit under the theme “Our story of sustainable beauty”, with:

• Cetiol SoftFeel: The newest soft-solid emollient developed by BASF Care Creations debuts at NYSCC 2021. Based on castor oil, this versatile ingredient can help create unique textures in a variety of beauty applications and personal care, in addition to acting as a clean alternative to petroleum jelly. BASF is a founding member of the Pragati Sustainable Castor Initiative which enables sustainable castor production. In the future, BASF plans to source certified sustainable oil from the program.

• Taking AP / Deo to New Heights: BASF Care Creations presents five unique deodorant formulas and one antiperspirant formula, containing natural ingredients and innovative formats. We have used a portfolio of sustainable ingredients to create multiple formulas with> 98% naturalness, conforming to ISO 16128. Additionally, testing has been performed on individual ingredients to support microbiome-friendly claims. The development of unique two-phase cream and spray formats, as well as the addition of actives, provide a luxurious feel to these standard self-care products.

• Seanactiv: this new bioactive ingredient is based on the seaweed Fucus Vesiculosus (commonly known as Bladderwrack) and works in three ways: to help fight dark circles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the luminosity of the skin around the eyes, all with as little as a week of use. Seanactiv contains a high content of fucoidan, a polysaccharide characterized by fucose monomers and extracted from marine algae species. Fucoidan has long been known for its anti-irritant and skin barrier beautifying properties.

• Naturally Styled – BASF’s collection of four styling formulas are made with natural ingredients while delivering styling performance without compromise. Clearly Natural Styling Gel is a medium hold styling gel with excellent curl retention; algae styling gel provides natural hold and long-lasting curl definition, even in high humidity; Strong & Smooth Styling Gel provides BASF’s strongest hold with fluid texture and additional hair conditioning benefits; and Strengthening Styling Jelly provides medium hold and features a jelly-like texture and a microprotein that strengthens hair fibers. Naturally Styled products contain star ingredients Rheocare XGN (xanthan gum) and Hydagen 558P (algin) for maximum styling performance.

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