Riot gives another in-game look at new Udyr VGU coming out later this year


Riot Games gave another in-game look at Udyr’s upcoming revamp today, which is slated for release later this year. While fans first saw the updated Champion’s Kit last year, the latest post shows more of the Champion’s future look, including some of his new animations, revised cosmetics, and the philosophy of design behind the changes to its model and its effects.

Udyr is one of the oldest champions in the history of League, released on December 2, 2009. After more than 10 years, the champion’s game model is outdated and does not look up to the in-game cosmetics. The community agreed and Udyr won the poll. last year on the character who should get a VGU. The Spirit Walker had long had to be reworked, and late last year Riot Games shared concept art that looked refined and stayed true to the champion’s image.

The latest blog post gives fans a better idea of ​​what to expect, with input from a series of developers regarding the champion’s animations, model, and even effects.

Riot Champion lead producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles described some of the character’s goals for the future, including staying with his unique stance mechanic and giving him tools that could help him achieve passes, which he misses it.

Mireles also reviewed Udyr’s visual model and said that Riot’s goal is to “build on Udyr’s visuals, not reinvent them.” According to the developer, in terms of League Tradition, Udyr will have stronger ties with the regions from the Freljord to Runeterra.

In concept art released by Riot last year, Udyr was remodeled and received antlers to suit its wilderness theme. As Riot experimented more with the new look, the company decided to do away with accessories altogether.

“In one attempt, they looked like wings, and in another, they looked like propellers,” character artist Jason “OOYOO” Namgung said. “No matter how hard we tried to make them work, they always looked through. While the idea is cool, Udyr is the animal spirit guy, not the woodland guy. So we finally decided to put the woods down and refocus on his animal spirit fantasy.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is “still in the early stages of Udyr’s production and everything is underway,” according to Namgung, but the team “is slowly getting closer to the final appearance” of the champion.

Creating the basic mountain-like body of Udyr wasn’t the only challenge of the overhaul. According to host Koingyeal “Koing” Jang, fine-tuning the champion’s animations also came with a set of obstacles. Jang wanted each of the four positions to feel different but still related to Udyr’s main themes. His Phoenix stance, in particular, aimed to blend several nuances – “bird-like, magical, and ice-bound,” according to the blog post. The end result was a sweeping attack and wing-like ice effects on Udyr’s arms, like a subtle hint of Freljord demigod Anivia.

Udyr’s visual effects, on the other hand, were meant to be a mix between a League champion and a character from a fighting game, visual effects artist Luis “Riot Bloois” Aguas told the blog.

To refine the positions of the awakening of Udyr, Aguas wanted to be inspired by the combat genre, giving a “powerful feeling” to the new animations. He designed three effects for Udyr’s Bear Stance: “the inactive VFX with active bear claws, stance activation with the Awaken buff active, and the Awaken VFX cast and buffs of its passive,” he said. he declares. All of this meant that the champion had improved his automatic attacks. After settling on them, it was time to show off how they interact with enemies.

When performing the Awakened Bear Stance ability, the lighting effect of automatic attacks is transferred to other opponents via a chain effect. This is a clue for another Freljord demigod, Volibear. When the enemy is alone, lightning strikes from above, referencing another ability of Volibear in the game.

Like the VGUs of other Champions, Udyr’s new look won’t be limited to the Base Champion. According to concept artist Justin “RiotEarp” Albers, his cosmetics are also reworked to bring them up to modern standards.

Alberts confirmed that Riot will begin the cosmetic overhaul with Udyr’s recent Dragon Oracle cosmetic product, released in 2019. “It’s gorgeous skin with great theming, so there’s a lot to keep with some things that need to be tweaked. to match his new character, ”he said.

Image via Riot Games

Ultimately, Riot mentioned that it takes a long time to revamp Udyr cosmetics. Even though there are only five champion cosmetics, stances alone take longer than average champions. The developers should possibly show another preview of the Udyr VGU update later before releasing it this year.

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