Rinna Beauty Launches New Lip Makeup Kit With Daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin


Social media celebrity Amelia Gray Hamlin will launch the “Amelia Kit” ($ 49) featuring lipstick, gloss and liner on Cyber ​​Monday.

Her lip kit, which is part of Rinna Beauty’s Icon collection, includes the “Lil Extra” lip liner in a neutral mauve tone; “Angel’s Kiss” lipstick, a slightly frosted bubblegum pink; and “Frost Bite” lip gloss, a glossy frosted silver.

The “Amelia Kit” is the latest addition to the Rinna Beauty collection named after her mother, TV personality Lisa Rinna. Available at rinnabeauty.com, customers can take advantage of a 50% discount on all lip kits.

The latest addition to the Rinna Beauty collection costs $ 49 and is available exclusively at www.rinnabeauty.com. As part of Cyber ​​Monday, Rinna Beauty will be extending a 50% discount on all lip kits.

More beauty for Rinna, the Hamlin family

The Amelia Kit joins her mother’s successful collection of lip kits, each of which has their own vibrant personality since their debut in late 2020.

Her first products, the Icon Lip Kits, in Lisa’s signature nude hues, were instant bestsellers. Praised for its luxury formulas and packaging, Rinna Beauty is quickly becoming a forerunner in the field of clean, vegan beauty. The brand released several new shades / incarnations of the kit until 2021, including the “alter ego” collection: Pinky, Kiki, Heidi, Sasha and Sabine.

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