Redondo Beach CA Scar Concealment – Skin Tattoo / Permanent Makeup Launch


Redondo Beach-based beauty studio Exquisite Aesthetics (+ 1-916-996-5262) ​​has announced new updates to its line of permanent cosmetic treatments, with specialized skin tattoo options for skin concealment. scars.

In line with the company’s continued commitment to providing Redondo Beach customers with aesthetic solutions to build confidence, the new updates address an urgent need. By helping to cover up or camouflage scars, Exquisite Aesthetics aims to help clients who are looking for ways to recover from the trauma of accidents and violent incidents.

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The latest updates add scar camouflage treatments to a wide range of permanent cosmetic services and enhancements. Exquisite Aesthetics offers a wide variety of makeup options, specially designed to improve self-esteem that may arise from changes in physical appearance.

With surveys indicating that scarring is one of the biggest barriers to a positive body image for many, Exquisite Aesthetics wants its scar tattoo treatments to provide a meaningful and permanent answer. Scars resulting from damage or ailments such as acne can be covered with the studio’s innovative disguise options.

Studio Redondo Beach’s scar camouflage treatments focus on concealing scar tissue by tattooing areas of the skin with flesh-colored pigments. Over the course of several sessions, Exquisite Aesthetics is equipped to mask scars and damaged skin via specialized procedures.

Exquisite Aesthetics emphasizes that its services can help clients improve their lives. As such, the studio works intensely to provide assistance to those in need, ranging from cancer survivors to victims of domestic violence.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “There is no greater joy than giving back. Once a month, Exquisite Aesthetics gives back to a survivor. We know how traumatic it is and we would like to boost our self-confidence through our art. We can cover up scars from abusive relationships or attacks, as well as self-inflicted scars from dark times in life.

In light of the recent announcement, Exquisite Aesthetics is promoting itself as a permanent provider of permanent makeup and beauty enhancement treatments. Additional services include eyebrow microblading and specialized scalp micro-pigmentation as cosmetic solutions for symptoms of hair disorders, such as alopecia.

Interested parties across Redondo Beach and nearby are invited to visit to learn more about Exquisite Aesthetics and its wide range of cosmetic services.

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Name: Shawny Ellsworth
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Organization: Exquisite Aesthetics LLC
Address: 215 Ave I, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, USA
Phone: + 1-916-996-5262

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