PODCAST: Melanie Morris & Aimee Connolly: Episode 10


Work Rest Kill is a monthly podcast hosted by our Editor-in-Chief Melanie Morris, which speaks to some of the most compelling Irish and international personalities in business, revealing the truth about the real secret sauce to a successful career.

Our next commercial podcast in the series will launch on Saturday 4th June 2022 and will feature Aimee Connolly, one of Ireland’s top MUAs and creator of award-winning makeup brand Sculpted by Aimee.

Work Rest Slay: Episode 10

In conversation with Melanie Morris, Aimee shares highlights of her professional journey, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and how passion is absolutely essential to your success.

Create a start-up

As any entrepreneur knows, passion should be the main driver of your career path. it helps you weather the stressful storms of starting your own business. Fortunately, Aimee has had this passion since the beginning, starting as a makeup artist and eager to turn this skill into a business from a young age.

“When I graduated in 2015, I knew there was no way I was working for anyone else,” she said. “I was going to mix business and makeup and that eventually led me to branding. As I always say, it starts (and it’s probably the same story for a lot of entrepreneurs) as an idea for a product or service. , but you don’t think about all the extra things that are going to come when you build a business from there.

“So it’s great that I go to the manufacturing site and say, ‘I want to make this product and it’s going to look like this’, but there’s the logistics. You have the finances; you have the operations; you have the people who join the team to make it grow.

Exponential growth

His business has grown so quickly, growing from one full-time team member in 2019 to 27 team members this summer. And as great as that has been, this rapid growth has also brought its own challenges.

“We actually launched our very first mascara last month, and sales were bigger than expected. It sold out in 23 minutes! We basically sold one per second, and it was absolute carnage in backstage. But it was so amazing because you gotta win when it happens. We’ve created so much demand and momentum, and we have so many loyal customers waiting for it.

“Particularly in a start-up, sometimes it can be really overwhelming because the pace is so fast. It’s so changeable that when someone goes on vacation for a week, they can almost come back to a completely different company. And it’s so exciting, but you have to be a certain type of person to be able to handle that, so I’m really lucky that my team is on board for that.

Passion is the key

But it was Aimee’s passion that drove her to push forward, adapt quickly and scale even faster – something she says has been key to her success.

“I think the most important thing is your passion for it. If you’re the founder of anything you’re trying to sell, you should be the one selling it in the beginning, especially if you’re a small startup. No one will buy a product more than when the person who created it or thought of it sells it to them, because you are so passionate about it.

“And that’s what I always say to anyone who’s thinking of going into business just to make money – it’s never going to work. You have to really love what you’re doing and what you’re selling or what you’ve made because the days can be so tough that if you don’t you’ll burn out and not want to go on. But I think passion is very important, as is knowing exactly what your product is, why it’s different, and what your unique selling point is.

For more on Aimee’s professional journey, listen to the latest episode of Work Rest Kill below:

Aimee Connolly

Aimee Connolly is the founder and CEO of Sculpted by Aimee. The award-winning company is one of Ireland’s fastest growing beauty brands, with the range growing from one product to over 70 since its launch in 2017.

An entrepreneur through and through, Aimee created the brand at just 24 years old, combining her background in the makeup industry with a degree in business and French from UCD. The brand was and remains entirely self-funded, with Aimee beginning to save up the capital she needed to get started when she started working part-time at 16. UK.

The brand also has a flagship store in Dundrum as well as an educational arm, Sculpted The Academy, which has trained hundreds of makeup artists since opening. Aimee has also developed a strong and loyal online community – her social media channels and brands have a collective following of over 250,000 people. Plans for 2022 include entering the Middle East market as well as strengthening the brand’s presence in Ireland and the UK.


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