P and G discover carcinogenic benzene in 18 consumer products


Beauty International has recalled all Old Spice and Secret references concerned

Eight Old Spice and ten Secret references pulled from shelves in the US

Procter & Gamble has voluntarily recalled 18 consumer products after detecting benzene, a known human carcinogen, in the formulas.

Eight Old Spice SKUs, including two from its Below Deck line, and ten from P&G women’s skincare brand, Secret, have been pulled from shelves in the United States.

All affected products were some form of body spray or antiperspirant and packaged in aerosol cans.

Customers who purchased the contaminated products, with an expiration date until September 2023, have been advised to stop using and dispose of the items.

Benzene is considered dangerous for humans because of its carcinogenic potential.

This can include bone marrow blood cancer, leukemia, and other blood disorders.

The chemical compound is found in natural processes, such as volcanoes and forest fires, and in human activities, including the production of plastics and resins.

P&G said, however, that daily use of the recalled products with the detected levels would not have contributed to any health problems.

The international beauty company is not the only company to have detected levels of benzene in its references.

Earlier this year, Valisure tests detected high levels of this chemical in 78 samples of sunscreen products.

Some of the batches tested contained up to three times the FDA restricted concentration of benzene, while 30% of the samples tested by the US company contained “detectable” benzene.

“Benzene is one of the most studied carcinogens and of greatest concern known to science,” said David Light, CEO of Valisure. Cosmetics trade.

“Its toxicity in humans has been well established for more than 120 years, the hematotoxicity of benzene having been described as early as 1897.”

Speaking of Valisure’s testing capabilities, he added, “Valisure’s programs include batch-level certification of final pharmaceuticals and product line certification for consumer products which focuses on testing raw materials. , especially when suppliers change supplier.

“These certification programs cannot be used for regulatory purposes, but the visible mark of independent quality assurance can go a long way in building confidence and supply chain resilience. “


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