Ninja: “I kinda feel like Epic hates me right now”


Ninja thinks his relationship with Epic Games may not be on the best terms. The streamer admitted to feeling “like [he’s] a little being taken in” by society during a stream earlier this week.

The topic came up on Ninja’s stream after being asked about his signature skin’s upcoming return to fortnite‘s Item Shop. The cosmetic was supposed to hit the store on April 11, though its release was pushed back and Ninja couldn’t set a date for its return.

“I kinda feel like Epic hates me right now, man, really,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been taken a bit.” The streamer said he didn’t have an offer to be part of a series of Epic-backed tournaments that other streamers have been running recently, or at least wasn’t told about it by his team.

Ninja admitted that Epic had done Ninja Battles with him before and that the company could try to grow and support other content creators, but still expressed displeasure that Epic would move the date. of her skin returning to the shop since it was announced for “like a month”. .”

Ninja would also “love” another variation of Ninja skin, with different clothes or hair. He mentioned Marshmello as an example, with four different styles for the artist’s visuals, though he admitted “it’s not like it’s happening right now.”

Ninja has become almost synonymous with fortnite, and the two have greatly benefited from the relationship between the two, according to Ninja. The Twitch star doesn’t think he’s done anything to “disrespect” Epic outside of playing other games, and he’s “sadder than mad” about it.

The Ninja outfit released in fortnite in January 2020, but was last seen in the store in August 2021, according to the tracking website We don’t know when he will return.


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