Mum nearly dies of sepsis after cosmetic surgery overseas in ‘nightmarish ordeal’


A woman who was near death after contracting sepsis during cosmetic surgery abroad has spoken of her ‘nightmare’ ordeal in court.

Laura Donald traveled to Wroclaw Poland for breast augmentation surgery and thigh liposuction.

However, shortly after returning home to Oxford, the 35-year-old fell seriously ill with sepsis and required reconstructive surgery.

Following her health scare, Laura contacted international cosmetic surgery lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the treatment she received overseas, Live hull reports.

Following a trial, a High Court judge ruled that surgeon Dr Adam Kalecinski and his company Noa Clinic Uslugi Medyczne were liable for Laura’s injuries.

She had traveled to Poland for surgery in January 2015 after saving for years for treatment, finding the operation online.

Laura, a mum of three, said: ‘The pain and discomfort I felt started quite soon after the operation and kept getting worse. The next day, I was in agony and felt feverish. I told the nurse who came to change my dressings how bad I felt but she just said I was fine.

“My condition worsened and I’m not sure how I got back on the flight home. Fortunately, when I landed, my family took me straight to the hospital where I was diagnosed with sepsis. I don’t remember much about my first hospital stay because I was so bad, but my family said I was seriously ill.

“However, beating sepsis was not the end. The past few years have been a nightmare. I have had many other operations including skin grafting and revision surgery. If I had known then what I’m doing now I wouldn’t have booked the trip, I didn’t book it on a whim and spent months researching different options.

”Everything seemed fine and I felt reassured that the doctors had worked in the UK and that everything was communicated in English. Nothing will change what happened to me or make up for the fact that I almost died, but I’m grateful that I got justice for what happened. I just hope that by speaking up, I can help prevent what happened to me from happening to others.

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes, international cosmetic surgery lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Laura, said after the hearing: “What happened to Laura cannot be understated. She was near death after developing her infection as a result of the substandard care she received abroad. The past few years and trying to come to terms with the physical and mental ordeal she has been through has been incredibly difficult.

“Although Laura overcame sepsis, she had to undergo a number of revision surgeries to try and rectify the complications that remained with her. While nothing can make up for what she went through, we’re glad we got the answers Laura deserved. Hopefully this court decision will bring some closure and allow Laura to move on from what happened to her as best she can.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing number of cases involving people traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery. Although at first glance such trips look attractive and the websites look professional, there can often be a complex system behind these bookings who may be responsible if something goes wrong.

“There are always risks to consider in any type of surgical treatment, but there are particular risks to having surgery in another country. We encourage people to research the various options thoroughly before committing to any procedure. It is essential that people understand what redress is available to them in the event of a problem and that they know the contact details of the insurers in place.

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