Marvel’s Avengers fans rally behind Hello Kitty black panther skin


A fan-made Hello Kitty skin for Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther pokes fun at the game’s deceptive cosmetics while combining two feline figures.

Addition to Marvel’s Avengersrange of cosmetic costumes, a creative fan created a Hello Kitty skin for the feline hero Black Panther. The cooperative title of Crystal Dynamics allows players to take control of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes throughout a single player campaign and multiplayer missions. Since launch, fans have been very critical of the game’s microtransactions, with Marvel’s Avengers cosmetics costing thousands of dollars for those who want access to all the visual variations.

While the game’s combat system has been praised, Marvel’s Avengers has received criticism for its microtransactions and lack of endgame content. Despite a clear focus on cooperative combat, at launch, Crystal Dynamics’ superhero project included little variety in terms of missions or environments. The in-game economy also frustrated many players, as only a handful of cosmetic items were available to unlock through gameplay. Instead, a digital marketplace contained the majority of the game’s skins, and these could only be purchased with real-world currency. As part of a recent update, which also included an endgame raid, Marvel’s Avengers Added expeditions that allow players to obtain items using resources found during the game. However, the poor quality of many in-game skins continues to frustrate fans who want more inspired outfits.


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Make fun of the skins present in Marvel’s Avengers, Reddit user Youngjojo created a Black Panther skin inspired by Hello Kitty. The adorable edition gives the King of Wakanda a flashy pink and teal color scheme, with a pink bow decorating a fluffy waistband, which is specifically inspired by a Funko Pop figure called “Hello Kitty (Sweet Treat).” Black Panther’s mask is also adorned with pets Hello Kitty designs, including large eyelashes styled after mustaches and a yellow button nose. While this creative crossover is just a fan dream, Marvel’s Avengers Reddit fans have rallied around the concept of Youngjojo and are now turning to Crystal Dynamics to make it part of the game.

Marvels Avengers Hello Kitty Black Panther Skin Fan

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Produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, the Hello Kitty The cartoon franchise has become a staple of pop culture since its inception in 1974. The popularity of the iconic cat-like girl has led to several video game crossovers, including Youngjojo’s. Marvel’s Avengers skin concept and official collaborations. For example, Animal crossing and Hello Kitty amiibo cards published for New Horizons in March 2021, allow players to integrate Sanrio characters into Nintendo’s social simulation series. By scanning the cards, Animal crossing: new horizons players can add unique furniture, clothing, and villagers to their personal island paradise, all inspired by Sanrio’s work.

Despite in-depth battles unique to each character, Marvel’s Avengers failed to give players free access to genuine cosmetic items. Skins earned through gameplay are often simple recolorations, with truly unique items like Marvel Cinematic Universe skins locked behind a paywall. Thanks to their Hello KittyBlack Panther-inspired outfit, Youngjojo humorously reflects the frustration the Marvel’s Avengers‘The fan base feels towards the game and its creator. Recently Square Enix called Marvel’s Avengers disappointing, and it is unlikely that even a Hello Kitty The Black Panther skin could change that opinion for the publisher or fans of the game.

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Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, and Google Stadia.

Source: Youngjojo / Reddit

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