Malaysia buying campaign motivates entrepreneur to produce high quality products


Zaharinah shows his own brand of white coffee produced by his company which has received orders from abroad. – Photo by Bernama

KUDAT (November 24): The Malaysian Product Buying Campaign (KBBM) is able to stimulate the efforts of local entrepreneurs, especially in Sabah, to continue to focus on improving the quality of their products so that they can compete with the branded products in the market.

LZ Industry Sdn Bhd founder Zaharinah Masair said the campaign may have inspired entrepreneurs like her as it was a form of government support to showcase local products.

“For me, KBBM can also be a platform to increase public confidence in local products, as it will also make the overseas market to be attracted to, believe and trust in products made in Malaysia due to the promotion and government support. through such campaigns.

“This will indirectly help entrepreneurs recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in turn will help increase income and more employment opportunities, thus revitalizing the economy,” he said. she told Bernama at her factory here.

She expressed the hope that such a campaign could be carried out in a coherent way as it could lead local entrepreneurs to always be enthusiastic and motivated to continue improving the quality of their products, as well as productivity, with the aim of further expand their business potential.

Zaharinah said that KBBM not only helped entrepreneurs take over the business, but also had the potential to produce more new entrepreneurs, especially among young people, who saw the campaign as an opportunity for them to start a business and to create their own brand of products. .

The woman, who has also trained many new entrepreneurs, especially women who have seen the potential of selling locally made cosmetics, especially through online sales.

The 33-year-old entrepreneur said she started her home business in 2016 producing soaps from sea cucumber before going into the production of various cosmetic products such as cleansers, face creams. and moisturizers, as well as abalone lipstick.

Today, Zaharinah’s home business has grown and now has a factory to produce its brand of cosmetics, along with other entrepreneurs including from Peninsula, Sarawak and Brunei.

She said her company has so far produced seven cosmetic products, in addition to exploring new business potential by producing hand sanitizer and white coffee which is now sold in eight Bataras supermarkets in Sabah.

His latest business is called “Loving Bee”, which focuses on the sale of drinks and ice cream made from honey and milk.

“Honestly my cosmetics business has been badly affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic and because of this I have started new businesses producing hand sanitizer, coffee products and by selling drinks and ice cream.

“The response has been very encouraging. Hence the need for KBBM to be continuously executed, ”said the recipient of the Sabah Award for Best Entrepreneur 2019.

Nationwide KBBM 2021, a branding platform aimed at increasing consumer confidence in local products, was recently launched by Deputy Minister of Home Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Rosol Wahid in Dataran Cenang Langkawi, Kedah .

Through the campaign, Malaysians are encouraged to prioritize and support locally made products, especially to help the country recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and thereby revive the economy. – Bernama


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