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It’s officially 2022, which means now is a great time to make some changes for the New Year. If you’ve ever considered switching to a healthier cosmetic and skin care routine, Beauty Organix, a local organic skin care and cosmetics store, is the place to start.


After dealing with health issues, owner and founder Michelle Macey struggled to find truly clean organic products that wouldn’t make her react negatively to the products.
Because of this experience, Michelle was determined to apply her scientific knowledge and investigate the ingredients listed in the products she used. These discoveries forced her to open her own organic cosmetics and skin care store where customers could shop in comfort without worrying that the products they were purchasing presented hidden dangers.

Since 2016, Beauty Organix, located in East Aurora, NY, has kept its promise to offer its customers only the best organic and clean beauty lines. The 49 different lines they offer are sold by professionals skilled in the fields of science and skin care.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Organix

Why Bio?

Did you know: over 60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream? Most consumers are unaware of the hidden dangers of their cosmetics and skin care. Even products listed as organic are not always truly “organic”. Beauty Organix offers nationally renowned organic brands as well as organic lines in small batches. Their best-selling Beauty Organix store brand is handcrafted and packaged on the spot.

You do not know where to start ?

Beauty Organix offers skin care consultations as well as makeup tutorials from certified makeup artists. Education is a central point for Beauty Organix, and consumer education is always first and foremost when visiting their store. You can also visit their website for weekly blogs called “Tox Talk Tuesdays” located in the education section of their website, beautyorganix.com.


Photo courtesy of Beauty Organix

Buy in store or online

From detox masks and acne products to products for sensitive skin for hair, skin and body, they have you covered from head to toe! They even carry cleaning supplies, nail polish, toothpaste and deodorant! Their candles are clean and healthy so that you can finally enjoy burning them in your home again.

Whatever your condition or budget, the Beauty Organix team are ready to work with you to find the best products for your skin type or concerns. Beauty Organix prides itself on being a “safe space” environment where customers feel educated, cared for and never overdone. They welcome all genres.

Stop by today to shop!

Open: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Or make an appointment by calling 716-714-9230

Beauty Organix

576 Main Street East Aurora, NY


This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable information with our readers.


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