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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – There is a new facial plastic surgeon in Beverly hills – and he wants to be a game-changer. Dr. Carl Truesdale (@ doctor.truesdale on Instagram) is the only African American specializing in facial plastic surgery in Beverly hills. His signature style, world-class results and entrepreneurial spirit led him to quickly build a thriving and diverse surgical practice. With over a decade of patient care under his belt, he opened his own office on Rodeo Drive and broke new ground in facial plastic surgery.

Combining artistry and precision, Dr. Truesdale’s practice has grown rapidly. It offers a full line of surgical and non-surgical solutions for the face, neck, jaw and hairline. You won’t find a practice with more attention to detail or a stronger focus on natural results.

“Being relatively new to Beverly hills, I am serious about giving my all to every patient. I treat every patient like a member of my family every step of the way – from my recommendations to the surgery itself, to post-operative care. I am committed to delivering the best results in the world – period. “- Dr. Carl Truesdale, Facial plastic surgeon

Dr Truesdale is among the elite as one of the few African American facial plastic surgeons in the United States. from this, many patients travel long distances to see me. I understand cultural differences in beauty standards. I don’t give every patient the same nose, or even approach the filling the same way for everyone. Instead, I consider their facial anatomy and their objectives to obtain a perfect result for them. It’s a privilege to help people regain their confidence through cosmetic surgery – but it takes deep listening and understanding. I take this seriously. ”

Developing a diverse patient population was an intentional goal for Dr. Truesdale. “My patients represent all walks of life, body types and goals. I make sure everyone who sees me feels comfortable. I also translate my medical knowledge into language the average person can understand.”

Dr. Truesdale is also leading the way in patient experience. “We built the office from the ground up, designing every aspect to provide a luxurious yet comfortable experience for our patients. I look forward to giving my patients a VIP visit when the office opens. ”

If you are interested in cosmetic facial treatment or want to learn more about Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery, call 310-295-4277, visit www.doctortruesdale.com, or follow @ doctor.truesdale on Instagram.


  • Dr. Truesdale specializes in cosmetic surgery solutions for contour, facelift or rejuvenation of the face including rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck lift, neck liposuction, oral fat removal and more Again.
  • For patients interested in rapid results with minimal downtime, Dr. Truesdale expertly administers BOTOX®, dermal fillers and other treatments to improve volume, facial contours, skin quality and / or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and darkness under the eyes
  • Dr Truesdale also offers hair restoration solutions for men and women.

About dr. Carl Truesdale
Dr. Carl M. Truesdale is a purse-trained plastic and facial reconstructor surgeon specializing in natural-looking results. He is a modern-day Renaissance man, passionate about portrait painting, the piano and flying private planes, in addition to being a skilled surgeon. Make an appointment with Dr. Truesdale today for a personalized consultation and experience the Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery difference for yourself.

Dr. Carl Truesdale
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: 310-295-4277

SOURCE Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery

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