Another month has passed, the year 2017 is nearing its end. I intend to update you on the development of the money machine in December but also for the whole year 2017.

The Money Machine December 2017


December has been a negative stock market month, albeit very marginally. The trend has been basically unchanged.

This month’s share purchases were three different shares. Thought Investor, Axfood and Kinnevik were worth buying so it became an entry in every company.

The development of our three portfolios; base / dividend / buffer during December you will see below. It has been better for us than the index in December. The fourth month in a row that we outperform the index. The fact that we have now outperformed the index for four consecutive months has resulted in a very strong end to 2017. In the last quarter our portfolio has risen 1.33% while the index is down by -2.93%. Our rise in December was 0.8%.

Annual compilation 2017


So in December it is also interesting to go through how it went in 2017. As I mentioned above we have had a very start ending in 2017. Until the middle of the year we were after the index but we end the year at +12 , 42%. Index remained at + 8.71%. That we would beat the index by almost 50% was not something I thought in the middle of the year.

But we managed to re-furnish a little in the portfolio during the year which gave us more confidence and also reward in good returns. Below is the graph for this year’s development. We sold the gaming companies a lot because of ethical and sustainable reasons. I wrote a little about it in the last month’s report. These more based on gut feeling and that we wanted to get better structure in our portfolio.

I look forward to an exciting 2018. I feel that our portfolio is very well positioned, maybe better than ever. As I also mentioned in last month’s report, I look forward to being able to find alternative investment opportunities outside the stock exchange in 2018. Most to diversify and perhaps also find asset classes with higher direct returns. I will write more about this next year.

How was your development in 2017?

Thank you all readers


I also want to take the opportunity to wish all my readers and followers a Happy New Year. Thank you for reading my blog, it warms you to support me! Extra fun I think it is with comments and emails sent to me. It is thanks to you that I do what I do. I am inspired to be able to share with me, give tips and advice while being able to create interesting discussions and grow together!