Huey is a valued lender. The institution occupies leading positions in the ranking of installment loans and payday loans. What distinguishes Wong from the competition is the innovative approach and quick processing of applications. The whole process of applying for a loan takes place online. Importantly, the company does not require sending documents and contacting a consultant by telephone. Huey’s flagship product is installment loans.

Apply for an installment loan

Huey - installment loan

One of the products offered by us is an installment loan, a loan that can be repaid in equal amounts. The amount of the loan varies between PLN 1,500 and 20,000. Importantly, new customers can apply for the maximum amount. This is the undoubted value of the offer because few loan companies allow new clients to apply for the highest loan. Typically, the borrower must borrow money several times to be able to apply for the highest loan offered.

The loan period – from 2 to 60 months. The debt is repaid in monthly installments. The entire application process takes place online. If the customer settles the debt within 30 days, he gives back as much as he borrowed. Huey also offers payday loans. The inference process is analogous to loans in installments. The loan amount – from 50 to 1500 PLN. Important – in the case of a payday, which does not exceed PLN 1500, the customer who pays the first loan for only PLN 10.

Huey on installments- requirements

Huey on installments- requirements does not require earnings certificates. In order to take out a loan in installments, you must be an adult, have a bank account and a mobile phone. Interestingly, the offer can be used by people who currently pay off other financial liabilities – loans or bank loans. It is also worth emphasizing that new customers can borrow up to 20,000. zł. The inference process is 100 percent. Online.

It is possible to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 days of signing the document. For this purpose, a relevant statement should be sent. Then, no later than 30 days from the submission of the statement, the borrower should return the money.

Huey on installments – how to take a loan step by step?

Huey on installments - how to take a loan step by step?

In order to get a loan in Huey you must:

  • choose the amount and period of repayment,
  • fill out an application,
  • make a verification transfer,
  • accept the offer and sign the contract.

First, select the amount and period of repayment. Then, the borrower should complete the application. The form is available on the lender’s website. Next, you need to verify. Importantly, it is necessary to implement the so-called verification transfer for PLN 10 The operation allows to identify the applicant’s data. The decision about granting the loan should appear within a few minutes. An exception – public holidays. Then, the information about granting the loan should appear on the next business day, until 9:00. The loan amount will be credited after accepting and signing the contract. Importantly, the document can be signed traditionally on paper or electronically. The timing of receiving a loan depends on the bank’s transfer policy.